Free transfer from the airport to our office within the established time.

Damage insurance (CDW) with franchise, occupant insurance and theft insurance (as long as the vehicle key is returned and the theft report is reported in the nearest police station) To avoid theft of the vehicle with the key We ask you to keep an eye on it at all times. In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, the customer is obliged to deliver the accident report to BELMAKAR RENT A CAR within 24 hours from the time of the accident. The part must be duly signed and filled with the information of both parties. The client must pay the full amount of the repair in case he does not present part of the accident.

I.V.A 21% and other taxes.


Aditional driver.

Traffic fines, towing of the vehicle caused by the driver’s negligence, loss or damage to wheels, rims, windows, damage to the clutch, damage to the base and the roof, cleaning upholstery, refueling with incorrect fuel and repair, recharging the battery, damage caused by calculation error of the measures, such as height and width, of the vehicle by the driver, damage to the vehicle caused by driving on unpaved roads.

Baby seats or elevators.

** After hours: for reservations with arrivals between 23:01 and 07:59 an additional surcharge of € 40.00 will apply (it will be essential to specify the flight number)

Vehicles of BELMAKAR RENT A CAR will be able to circulate freely throughout the territory of the Iberian Peninsula, maritime transport is not allowed. It is not allowed to leave Spain (peninsula) unless traveling to Portugal or Gibraltar for an amount of € 9 / day, with a minimum of € 27 and a maximum of € 90 and up to a rental period of no more than 28 days.

Fuel – The tenant receives the vehicle with the full fuel tank and takes charge of the fuel expense, either by paying a full tank of fuel at the beginning of the rental and waiving any type of refund, or by obliging to return the vehicle with he will fill the same fuel with the same quality as the one he receives it, or pay the amount of the amount of fuel that is missing to complete the deposit plus the corresponding charge according to the current rates. For these purposes, the tenant will present at the time of the return of the vehicle, ticket or proof of refueling, as a means of certifying compliance with the obligation indicated.

GPS / Navigator: On request

MIFI device (mobile router): On request

We offer a courtesy hour at the end of the rental contract, once this period is exceeded, you must pay an extra day applying the current rate at that time.

Franchise: The cost of the franchise will vary depending on the type of vehicle reserved.

* Groups A, A1, B (Franchise of 1200 euros). * Groups C, D, D1, E, F, F1, F2, H, H1, J1, M, M1, P (Franchise of 1500 euros). * Group G (Franchise of 1500 euros). * Groups K1, F3, F4 I, L, Q, R (Franchise of 3000 euros).

The price of the franchise depends on the type of vehicle and will be charged from the customer’s credit card when the vehicle is collected. If the customer returns the vehicle in the same conditions in which it was collected, the franchise will be returned. In case of having caused damages, the client will be responsible for said damages. Charges for these items will be documented with the invoice issued by the service provider. In case of accident or damage to the vehicle, it is mandatory that the customer fill in an accident / damage part and deliver it to our office. Also, in case of theft of the vehicle, the customer is obliged to report it to the Police and deliver the report in our office. Any accident or damage to the vehicle that is not notified will be interpreted as negligence on the part of the client and this may be incurred in additional expenses.BELMAKAR RENT A CAR is not responsible for the fees charged by your bank in the return of the franchise.

Partial Coverage or Total Damage: The damage insurance (CDW) does not include in any case damage to tires, rims, hubcaps, interior of the vehicle, interior and exterior rear view mirrors, windows, locks, locks, clutch, engine, crankcase, catalyst and radiator. Nor does it include the costs for battery recharge, loss of key, towing in a crane, taxi for trips after an accident and error in the type of fuel refueled. To partially cover these risks there is an additional coverage that can be hired when picking up the vehicle.

Total Coverage: will cover damage to wheels, glass, vehicle underbody, crane service, loss or damage to the antenna, damage to the locks and damage to the key (**) at a cost of:

* 15 euros per day (with a minimum of 35 euros and a maximum of 210 euros per rental) for groups A, A1, B

* 21 euros per day (with a minimum of 63 euros and a maximum of 273 euros per rental) for groups C, D, D1, E, F, F1, F2, G, H, H1, J1, M, M1, P

* 35 euros per day (with a minimum of 105 euros and a maximum of 525 euros per rental) for groups F3, I, L

(**) Franchises to be deposited depending on the type of optional coverage selected: – Without contracting the Total Coverage, a deductible of between 800 and 5000 euros will be deposited per rental.- Contracting the Total Coverage, no franchise will have to be left (Except for premium groups E1, F3, F4, K1, L, Q, R).

NOTES: 1.- Please note that in order to be able to pick up the vehicle you must indicate a valid flight number in the reservation. 2.-The minimum age of the driver is 21 years old and must have at least one year old license. There is the possibility of contracting coverage for “young driver” (21-24 years) for the categories: A, B, C, D, F1 & P 3.-Credit card is required in the driver’s name. You must present an original Passport or ID and a valid driving license, all of which are valid. 4.-Vehicles can only circulate in the Iberian Peninsula, Gibraltar and Portugal. The vehicle must be returned to our facilities within office hours (return outside office hours must be agreed in advance or at the time of removal of the vehicle). To travel through Gibraltar and Portugal, optional coverage of € 9 per day (with a minimum of € 27 and a maximum of € 90) must be paid. 5.-BELMAKAR RENT A CAR reserves the right to release the reservation if two hours have passed since The expected time of collection. (In the event that your plane is delayed, the reservation will be respected, provided you have provided us with the correct flight number). 6.-The vehicles included in the categories R and Q have a deductible of € 3,000, two credit cards are required in the driver’s name and a fee of € 3,000 will be made to guarantee the franchise, the total coverage is not available for these categories. 7.- Drivers of 70 years or more are required to contract our Total Coverage. 8.- The mileage is limited to 150 Kilometers per rental day and the price per additional kilometer is 0.45 €, in the following groups: G (SVMR) 9 seats, H (IVMR) 5 + 2 seats, H1 ( FVMR) 7 seats, J1 (IVAR) 7 automatic seats. SEE PRICES SERVICE QUICK RETURN


By this contract, BELMAKAR RENT A CAR with CIF B- 93.231.330 and registered office at C / Av Antonio Machado 106 Benalmadena Costa, 29630 Malaga, registered in the Mercantile Register No. 5 of Malaga, Volume 4007, Book 2918, Folio 84 , Sheet MA-82971, rents the vehicle described on the front of the Contract, to the person identified as driver and payer (hereinafter the Client), under the terms and conditions specified below (hereinafter the Contract). By imposing his signature on the front of the Contract, the Client declares that he has read and is satisfied with all the terms and conditions thereof, and undertakes to comply with them.


The Client acknowledges that he receives the vehicle described in the Contract, clean and in the conditions of conservation and operation, damages, state of the fuel tank and auxiliary equipment specified, which if not referred to, will be considered suitable for use.

The Client undertakes to conserve and maintain the vehicle as well as to drive it and make use of it in compliance with the regulations of the Traffic Code as well as those set forth in this Contract.


The duration of the rental contract will be the one that appears on the front of it, specifying the date and time of delivery and return of the vehicle, counting on the return with a courtesy period of 60 minutes. Once this period of courtesy has been exceeded, the customer agrees to pay BELMAKAR RENT A CAR the amount of € 25.00 as late payment.

The maximum duration of the rental contract will be 28 days. If the client decides to end the rental before the date indicated in the contract, he will not be entitled to the refund of the amount corresponding to the days not enjoyed.


The Client undertakes to keep the vehicle in good condition and in particular, without prejudice to the obligations that may appear in other clauses of this Contract, to: Use and drive the vehicle diligently, respecting the Law on Traffic, Circulation of Motor Vehicles and Road Safety and other provisions that are applicable. Any negligence for not respecting the road signs will not apply the coverages that you have contracted in terms of damage to the leased vehicle.</p